Jodi & Randy’s Kingsley Pines Wedding

Jodi & Randy grew up together on the same street, with Randy’s older brother babysitting Jodi and her sisters. Their parents have been best friends for years. To say this was a close knit group would be an understatement. Despite there being close to 200 guests, it still felt like an intimate wedding. They chose Kingsley Pine Camps as their venue, which is a great rustic spot in Raymond, Maine on Panther Pond. Catering was by the Black Tie Company, which did a wonderful job feeding such a large crowd. By far my favorite part of the night was the performance by Start Making Sense, a Talking Heads cover band from Pennsylvania. They started playing at 10, and I found myself staying until they finished at 1 in the morning, they were just that good. A big thank you to my friend and fellow photographer Tiffany Dumas of the Tiffany Studio for coming out to help me photograph this wedding. She did a great job capturing the guys as they got ready as well as providing alternate angles and some more great shots throughout the day.

Jodi opening her gift from Randy. He wrote a pretty funny card.

Beautiful flowers from my friend Heather at Heather Caron Floral Design

Tiffany got some great shots of Randy and the rest of the guys goofing around. Here he is with his dad.

One of the ring bearers was somewhat perplexed by the garter.

A very excited bride, ready to get married!

The bridal party encountered some hecklers on their way to the ceremony.

Jodi and her parents right before they walked down the aisle.

The ring bearers were a couple of little comedians.

We managed to get a photo on the dock without sending the wedding party in to the lake.

It may have been a #pinterestfail, but attempting a photo where it looks like Jodi had Randy’s legs made for a funny shot anyways. Since that didn’t work, we went the classic.

Randy took a turn directing Jodi during the bridal photo session. These are a couple of the results.

Randy’s brother claimed to have promised to give Jodi $100 if she grew up to marry his brother. Here he is making good on the promise.

Jodi calling her dad on to the dance floor for their dance.